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Welcome to Trucking Wiki, your comprehensive online guide to the exciting world of trucking. Founded by a team of experienced truckers and industry experts, our mission is to empower professional drivers by sharing insider knowledge, practical tips, and trusted resources to make life on the road smoother and safer.

At Trucking Wiki, we understand the unique challenges and rewards of a trucking career intimately. Our staff has logged millions of miles across North America, hauling every kind of freight imaginable. We’ve encountered just about every situation – from bad weather to breakdowns to dealing with shippers and receivers. Simply put, we’ve been in your shoes and have learned the hard way what really works.

On this website, you’ll find a vast library of articles meticulously created by truckers for truckers. Get reliable advice on truck driving jobs, companies, and training. Read thorough truck reviews to understand the pros and cons before investing. Access service manuals and step-by-step repair guides for the most common truck issues. We cover everything from life hacks for living in your truck to complying with safety regulations to managing finances on the road.

Trucking Wiki doesn’t just cater to experienced haulers – we also have resources for those new to trucking or exploring a driving career. Our guides walk you through getting your CDL, understanding logs and hours of service rules, planning efficient routes, and what to expect as a rookie driver.

We believe that by sharing our collective wisdom, we can help truckers tackle challenges, optimize operations, and stay safe doing one of the nation’s most demanding jobs. Our tight-knit community of drivers is here to swap stories, offer support, celebrate the lifestyle, and continue pushing the trucking industry forward.

No matter if you’re a seasoned owner-operator or just starting to explore trucking, let Trucking Wiki be your dependable co-pilot and knowledge base. With us by your side, you can travel confidently and focus on doing what you love – racking up the miles as a professional trucker.